See it at NAB 2005: 10" HD multi-standard Colour Monitor which will handle serial digital HD and SD, 16:9 and 4:3 formats, and also analogue. This cost-effective, compact monitor is ideal for high-end users whose requirement is to monitor HD SDI and SDI signals accurately, flexibly and affordably

Main Features:

Compact 10" size CRT 5U high Two units mountable per one 19" rackmount kit 16:9 detachable bezel for 4:3 operation Fitted standard with composite video and analogue audio inputs

Additional Features:

Area markers; zoom; screen check; audio level bargraph meters Optional attachable input boards, one at any time: --- Digital IF-C151HDG: HD SDI / SDI auto-sensing, single input --- Analogue IF-C101CMG: Component and RGB Available June 2005. See it at NAB 2005. MENÚ QUIENES SOMOS LOS PRODUCTOS LAS MARCAS Galería Contacto Recomiéndanos GALERIA Cámaras Magnetoscopios y DVD Ediciones On-Line Consumibles Iluminación Tripodes Filtros y opticas Accesorios en general Monitores Proyectores IMAGEN HANDYMAN